Some Pieces of Church Symbolism to Ponder

The other interesting piece of information that I heard on that day had to do with the style of the renovation. Our building was originally decorated under the influence of the ‘Pre-Raphaelite’ art movement and the Arts and Crafts’ movement in England. Both of these were reform movements. The Pre-Raphaelites wanted to go back to the more detailed art and vivid colours of the painting before Raphael, whom they considered a corruption. This is to me a return to a more ‘real’ form of painting. The Arts and Crafts movement was a response to the alienation of the industrial revolution. The arts and crafts movement wanted to re-connect the work of the artist who designed a thing and the craft that made them. This they thought was more ‘human’ than the situation that they encountered where artists were disconnected from work, and workers had nothing artistic to do except serve the machines. At the heart of our Church decoration is reform toward something more ‘human’. That too finds an ‘echo’ in me and could well be a leitmotiv for our common life.


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Paul Dalzell is now a semi-retired priest living in Alexandra, Australia
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