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A Theological Idea About History

Often on Facebook I get a funny picture called ‘Anglican Church Memes’. I was already familiar with Richard Dawkins idea of ‘the selfish gene’. Here he claims that the unit of evolution is not at the level of the organism … Continue reading

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Why We Love the Calving and Lambing Season

This is my first reflection from our new home in Alexandra. We are back in Australia now, but I will continue to ‘blog’, even though I am not writing a weekly reflection for a congregation.   I remember a lovely … Continue reading

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What Is “Temporal Bandwidth” And Why Should A Christian Care?

    I came across a really interesting idea in a post from the New York Review of Books. * The idea is called ‘Temporal Bandwidth”. Now before clicking ‘off’, have a listen to this. Bandwidth is an idea that … Continue reading

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