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The Use Of Church Property, Doctrine and Love

Recently, a member of a group to which I belonged sent me some information about the latest Synod of the diocese of Sydney.There are some motions about the kinds of activities, which are allowed on Anglican Church property in the … Continue reading

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Why I’d Rather Have A Funeral Than A Celebration Of My Life

This week, I heard an announcement of a state funeral for a significant member of the community, who had recently died.   The radio announcer said “There will be a ‘celebration of the life of ‘X’’ in the Recital Centre. … Continue reading

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Church of England: The problem with its Clergy and its Cultured Despisers

I am reading a book on ‘The English’ first published in 1998 by Jeremy Paxton. He deals in chapter 6 with the Church of England. He quotes a conversation he had.  “I once asked the Bishop of Oxford what you … Continue reading

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Boredom, Engagement and Fear in Church

Reflection 30th October 2011 I know a funny story about our perception of the passage of time. It comes from the ‘My Word’ programme. I think it was Dennis Norden who said ‘Going to a Wagner opera is like this: … Continue reading

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